Flexible Resource We provide the flexibility to tailor unique resources for all projects. Front office teams managing projects can be located at client’s site in order to share and absorb the organisational culture of our customers. This also, allows collaboration between our consultants and customers.

The back office teams can be located at our offices and look after the process driven aspects of the projects bringing the advantages of cost-efficient, skilled manpower, economies of scale and simultaneously maximising productivity whilst ensuring quality.

Alternatively, both front and back offices teams can be located at our offices if desired by our customers.

Execution Execution 1Octasis can provide execution services in the areas of Project and Implementation Management, Business Analytics and Technical Consulting.Execution 2

We have deep experiences in the financial services sector, with expertise in such areas as Balance Scorecards, Credit-Risk, Fraud-detection, Customised Money-Laundering Monitoring Applications, Investment Management, Fund Management, Hedge Funds and Fund of Hedge Funds and Wealth/Asset Management.

ange Management Change 1Regulatory compliance and the dynamics with need to compete in the global market is making organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa to merge. In 2004, the Central Bank of Nigeria required banks in the country to increase their capital base from N2 billion to N25 billion. Some of the options the banks began to explore included among others;  raising capital through the stock market,Change 2  private placement, foreign equity participation, group consolidation and outright mergers and acquisitions.

Change management is imperative in managing post-merger consolidation, as Jeffery Sonnenfeld said “Take at least as much time as you spend with your financial analysts and spend it with your employees. People care about where they work. Make them a strategic partner." We can help organisations develop processes and create a new unified organisational culture, standardise business processes and procedures to achieve efficient changes to IT infrastructure in order to minimise impact to services.